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McCord Design CO

Custom Cheese Board, Charcuterie Board, Cutting Board, Personalized Engraving Option

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1-2 Week Lead Time

3 different options available and all walnut boards from solid planks that are close to 1” or over 1” thick All options can be custom engraved as well Cheese Board( long option) 20.5”x5” Medium Board( handle off center) 16.25”x7.75” Large Board(centered handle) 19”x9”


For engraving email the details over to

Common Questions, 1) Is the 2.5x4 small and 2.5x6 medium tent double sided ? (YES) 2)Can I have a unique QR code on each one? (YES, no extra charge) 3) Do you complete custom sizes? (YES, email me the size wanted and then we can quote you) 4) Where do I send my files? (Please email them to