Metal QR Code Signs

Great for restaurants, hotels, breweries or shops to use! They are easy to swipe down and can be customized in anyway. Eco friendly and Sustainable stainless steel. Multiple Options Available

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Custom Signage and Powder Coating is our bread and butter!

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching piece of custom home decor to enhance the ambiance of your home or business or you are trying to find a perfect personalized metal sign, we have what you want! At McCord Design Co., we work with you in picking the right item that fits your needs, whether that be our eco-friendly QR codes, personalized metal signage for businesses or personal, or our gift-giving options such as cutting boards, coasters, and custom metal art. #shopsmall

Services include: CNC plasma cutting, Powder coating, metal fabrication, laser etching, engraving, and marking.

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Not seeing what you need? Please reach out and I'll be happy to give you a custom quote, whether be a dining room table, metal fabrication, etc.

Pic: Reclaimed Maple Truck Flooring Table

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